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I can honestly say this is one of the most top tier websites for a martial arts school that I've ever seen. Navigating the menus is very easy, customer service and support is very friendly and helpful. I definitely suggest trying out the Online Academy. Not only is it user-friendly but you can use it on-the-go, on your phone or tablet, not just at home. Atos BJJ has it all!

- Devin Stout

The instructionals at Atos Online are my go-to place for extra information. Each technique video is detailed, questions are answered and then elaborated on. It's not just the techniques that I benefit from, it's all the details that are transferable to other techniques that I'm finding valuable. The other thing I love is that a single technique is often taught by several different people, so watching each person's take on these techniques adds a lot of depth.

- Stephen Smyrl

I have been using Atos Online for a couple of years now. I used it before I was actually an Atos team member. I found it very beneficial to be able to choose from a plethora of the world's top jiu jitsu athletes and hand pick the techniques that I needed to work on. After joining the team I found it even more beneficial, because due to the high level of jiu jitsu there, I have to go home and review the techniques over and over again until they click. If I find I’m having trouble with something, I can go to Atos Online and look up whatever it is that I’m struggling with. I believe there’s only so much you can learn in class, and studying on your off-time significantly helps you grow and evolve.

- Steven Wagner