How “Rare Air” Creates A Culture of Excellence

Every jiu-jitsu practitioner has a unique motivation to train. For some it is to become a World Champion, for others it’s exercise, or just to learn something new. The list goes on. Of the myriad reasons people commit to jiu-jitsu one thing ties them together: personal development. The culture of an academy contributes to the… Read More

Josh Hinger Earns Double Gold at Master Worlds

7 matches, 3 submissions, and no points scored against him, Josh Hinger ends the year on a high note. With seven divisions (Master 1-7) Master Worlds has become one of the largest tournaments that IBJJF hosts every year. Because it’s a tournament with a minimum age requirement (30 years old) to compete  it provides a… Read More

Tye and Kaynan Steal The Show at Who’s Number One

Atos competitors Tye Ruotolo and Kaynan Duarte stole the show at Flograppling’s newest promotion, Who’s Number One, securing the only two submission victories on the entire card. Both athletes represented Atos’ motto to innovate jiujitsu, and showed us that you can definitely win and still learn. Let’s take a look at the matches:   Tye… Read More

Three Tips To Be Your Best with UFC Champ Israel Adesanya

What could have easily beome a vacation or a setback the UFC crew from Auckland quickly seized as an opportunity to evolve spending the month training with Professor Andre Galvao and his Atos HQ team. Israel Adesanya was supposed to be on a routine trip to Las Vegas to coach teammate Carlos Ulberg through Dana… Read More

Atos Closes the Year with Big Wins at Pans No-Gi

With 2020 coming to an end, the Atos Jiu-Jitsu team cleaned up at one of the last big IBJJF tournaments of the year: IBJJF Pans No-Gi. After a chaotic year – in which many of the major tournaments were cancelled or postponed – the Atos team pushed ahead as much as they could with their… Read More

The Atos x Red Bowie Team Takes Subversiv Title

Just weeks ahead of the IBJJF Pans, a select crew of Atos HQ x Red Bowie athletes flew across the country to Philadelphia to compete in Subversiv IV, October 31. The goal: just like any other event, to bring the trophy home. Mission: accomplished. A relatively new promotion put on by a very well-known name… Read More

Small Team of Atos Athletes Cleans Up at IBJJF Pans!

Last spring, when International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation announced the cancellation of their scheduled events, the jiu-jitsu community was devastated. Nobody more so than the Atos competitors. So, when the IBJJF announced they were going to hold one of the biggest events of the year, Pans, the Atos Jiu-Jitsu team rallied a small but mighty team… Read More

Luiza Monteiro is New Fight 2 Win Champ!

The Fight 2 Win Pro promotion has set the bar for delivering exciting, professional-level jiu-jitsu, and the F2W Pro 149 last weekend was no exception! One of the highlights was watching Atos black belt Luiza Monteiro simply dominate the match, earning her the coveted Featherweight title belt! Luiza faced Alliance black belt, and then-reigning champion,… Read More

BJJ White Belt FAQs

We often forget that EVERYBODY in the BJJ community, no matter how legendary, was once a white belt. Everybody, at one point or another, was just starting his or her own jiu-jitsu journey. Everybody has felt the excitement, and anxiety, of stepping on the mat for the very first time. Everybody has had those “white… Read More

Atos Superstars Dominated at BJJ Stars!

If you missed the BJJ Stars event last weekend, this show is well worth the replay, especially for Atos fans! The event was an exciting showcase of the top athletes in the sport today. Two matches in particular demonstrated the technical dominance and highlight-reel worthy performance of the Atos Jiu-Jitsu team. The BJJ Stars professional… Read More