Top Ten BJJ Videos for White Belts: Closed Guard

Back in the day, the only way to watch jiu-jitsu techniques or training videos was to purchase a DVD series from BudoVideos. And there really wasn’t much out there for a very, very long time. Today, however, there’s a wealth of BJJ knowledge online, available 24/7, with just the click of a button on your… Read More

The Best Way to Study Online BJJ Videos

It used to be that people would joke about learning jiu-jitsu online. If you did something unusual, something that wasn’t taught in class, your training partners might sneer, “Where’d you learn that from? YouTube?? Ha. Ha. Ha.” Thankfully, that’s all behind us, and studying BJJ videos – whether from someone’s DVD series, through a subscription… Read More

Professor Andre Galvao: Why Online BJJ Training is Important

Train Smarter. Study More. That’s the motto of the online jiu-jitsu training platform started in 2016 by multiple-time World and ADCC champion Andre Galvao. Since then, the Atos Online Academy has quickly become one of the most comprehensive BJJ video databases in the market today, with 24/7 access to thousands of videos of classes taught… Read More