BJJ White Belt FAQs

We often forget that EVERYBODY in the BJJ community, no matter how legendary, was once a white belt. Everybody, at one point or another, was just starting his or her own jiu-jitsu journey. Everybody has felt the excitement, and anxiety, of stepping on the mat for the very first time. Everybody has had those “white… Read More

Atos Dominates at F2W Pro 144

Last weekend, two of Atos Jiu-Jitsu Headquarters black belts showcased their skills at F2W Pro 144, dominating their opponents and giving the crowd an exciting, high-intensity show! Jonnatas Gracie  Among a star-studded main card, the first Atos competitor up was black belt Jonnatas Gracie. Jonnatas was promoted to black belt just last year, following an… Read More