About the Atos Online Academy

Train Smarter. Study More.
That’s the motto here at the Atos Online Academy.

At Atos, we know that just going to class isn’t enough. Jiu jitsu is both a physical and a mental activity. Just as we exercise our bodies to get stronger, we must exercise our mind to become smarter, to recognize techniques faster, to deepen our knowledge of the gentle art.

So we created the Atos Online Academy to help you do that. No matter where you are in the world – or what academy you train at – the Atos Online Academy gives you 24/7 access to the best techniques in the sport, taught by multiple-time World and ADCC Champion Andre Galvão and his team of dedicated and highly-accomplished instructors.

Why are we putting our best techniques online, for everyone to see? Because we believe that when everyone becomes better at jiu jitsu, the higher the bar is set and the better we ourselves become… the better the sport becomes.

Because Together We Are Stronger isn’t just a phrase to us. It’s a lifestyle.