Top Ten BJJ Videos for White Belts: Half Guard

Top Ten BJJ Videos for White Belts: Half Guard

Next in our specially-curated a series of “Top Ten BJJ Videos for White Belts,” featuring a set of high-percentage techniques from the different key positions that every white belt should know, are the top 10 videos from the half guard.

Whether you’re a brand new white belt or a seasoned black belt, the half guard is a vitally important part of your jiu-jitsu game. Especially for white belts, the half guard is often your first stop when defending or escaping from mount or side control. Sure, closed guard will always be your go-to position – mainly because this is the position that you learn most when you first embark on your BJJ journey. But your closed guard will be passed. When this happens, there are a few things you must know how to do. For one, you should know how to successfully prevent a full pass by trapping your opponent in half guard. Secondly, you should know how to get back to at least half guard when your opponent does pass.

Don’t worry fam, we’ve got you. Not only that, but we’ve also included some awesome sweeps and back takes (oh, and a submission, too!!) from half guard. Because for us, it’s not just about defense. As students of the legendary Andre Galvao we’re all about that offense!

Check out the list below for ten awesome BJJ videos from the half guard position, brought to you by the Atos Online Academy.

Half Guard Techniques

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