Top Ten BJJ Videos for White Belts: Mount Position

Next in our specially-curated a series of “Top Ten BJJ Videos for White Belts,” featuring a set of high-percentage techniques from the different key positions that every white belt should know, are the top 10 videos from the mount position.

Mount is the one of the most dominant positions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, providing tremendous – and soul-crushing – control for the person on top, and a plethora of submission options, including the arm bar, the shoulder lock, the ezekiel, the mounted triangle, among others! For the person caught under somebody’s mount, it is by far one of the most miserable places to be in and takes a lot of effort and skill to escape from. It’s a lot harder to make space to escape, when you have your opponent’s entire body on top of you!

Understanding the dynamics of mount control, how to establish and maintain mount, is just as important for the person executing the mount, as it is for the recipient of it. If you know the key points in maintaining the mount, you’ll have a better idea of how to escape it. Knowing how to get to mount will allow you to identify when and where you can prevent it from happening. Knowing what submissions are available will enable you to take those actions that defend against them. But you don’t have to know everything! A few mount entries, a few submissions from mount, and a few mount escapes are key for every white belt to master, and are invaluable additions to every practitioner’s toolbox, regardless of belt level.

Check out the list below for ten awesome videos from the mount position, brought to you by the Atos Online Academy.


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