Top Ten BJJ Videos for DLR Guard Players

De la Riva is one of the most versatile open guards in jiu-jitsu, and has played an important role in the development of a lot of today’s modern guards. It first appeared in Brazilian jiu-jitsu back in the early 1980s when legendary competitor Ricardo De La Riva began using it, putting it on the map with his 1986 match against Royler Gracie at the Copa Cantão. However, a version of this guard was used much earlier by Osa Tsunetane in the 1970’s, in nonatei style judo competitions. Considered the “mother of the modern guard”, the DLR guard has led to the evolution of many different guard variations and techniques, the most famous being the “berimbolo”.

The strength of the DLR guard is in its ability to entrap your opponent’s lead leg, preventing him/her from passing very easily, as well as allowing for excellent opportunities to off-balance and sweep, or even to submit. You opposite leg – the non-DLR hook leg – allows you to create distance between you and your opponent, while your DLR-side hand is typically occupied with the hem of your opponent’s gi pant and your non-DLR-side hand assists in breaking the posture, by grabbing the lapel, sleeve or belt.

Without further ado, here are ten of our favorite DLR techniques, specially-curated and brought straight from the Atos Online Academy vault!

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