Top Ten BJJ Videos for White Belts: Closed Guard

Back in the day, the only way to watch jiu-jitsu techniques or training videos was to purchase a DVD series from BudoVideos. And there really wasn’t much out there for a very, very long time. Today, however, there’s a wealth of BJJ knowledge online, available 24/7, with just the click of a button on your computer or the tap of a finger on your mobile device.

There’s actually so much out there, that for those just starting their jiu-jitsu journey, it can be quite daunting. As a brand new white belt, where do you even start? We’ve taken the guess work out of it and curated a series of “Top Ten BJJ Videos for White Belts” featuring a set of high-percentage techniques from the different key positions that every white belt should know.

First in our series are the top 10 videos from the closed guard. Closed guard is THE most basic guard every white belt – every belt, period – should master. It’s the most dominant defensive guard, as in order for your opponent to do anything, he or she must first break and escape from closed guard. It’s also a very strategic offensive guard, as there are a number of different submissions you can execute from there.

Check out the list below for ten awesome videos from the closed guard, brought to you by the Atos Online Academy.

  1. Breaking the Closed Guard
  2. Defending the Closed Guard + Pressure Pass
  3. Opening the Closed Guard + Knee Cut Pass
  4. Muscle Sweep from Closed Guard
  5. Flower Sweep from Closed Guard
  6. Hip Bump Sweep from Closed Guard + Arm Bar from Mount
  7. Hip Bump Sweep to Mount + Cross Collar Choke
  8. Arm Bar from Closed Guard
  9. Triangle from Closed Guard
  10. Omoplata from Closed Guard

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